Book Review – Answers for Aristotle: How Science and Philosophy Can Lead Us to a More Meaningful Life

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Answers for Aristotle: How Science and Philosophy Can Lead Us to a More Meaningful Life by Massimo Pigliucci

Science provides us with a perspective on the world, not with a God’s-eye view of things. It gives us an irreducibly human, and therefore to some extent subjective—yet certainly not arbitrary—view of the universe.

Massimo Pigliucci

I enjoyed Pigliucci’s piece on “how science and philosophy lead us to a more meaningful life” as a welcome counterattack against the rampant abuse of the psychology of positive thinking we find in the self-help books and guides of today.

If you approach the text with an open mind, I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the new perspective you can gain from his secular, science-based and arguably atheistic interpretation on the meaning of life. You may not agree with Massimo, but that’s okay. What he offers you is an acceptable…

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I tend to read inspirational books that focus on developing your mind. Many of the books I review on this site will be focused on personal development. I don’t do typical book reviews for a couple of reasons. First you can get that information anywhere and I don’t think there is a lot of value going into excruciating detail about a book. 

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